Round 2 went to Biden, hands down

So, let’s use the boxing metaphor.   Biden danced circles around Ryan.  Certainly Ryan got a few punches in, but they simply did not have a lasting impact.  It was a very good performance by Biden.  He got the “47%” in; he made Ryan look like a hypocrite when he mentioned Ryan’s letter requesting Stimulus funds.  The list goes on and on.

Did Biden interrupt too much?  As someone who never likes someone interrupting me, it is not my favorite tactic.  But after Romney’s display last week, what’s good for the goose…

I found the exchange on Iran and Syria interesting on different levels.  First, we are reminded that we are dealing with an election over who directs the empire, not over whether there is an empire.  Second, Biden kept pushing Ryan on whether  Romney/Ryan are really talking about war.  Biden knows full well that, with the exception of the neo-cons and some Netanyahu fanatics, there is very little interest in starting yet another war in the Middle East.

Two more rounds to go.  But the biggest factor on November 6th will be the Get Out The Vote operations of both sides.

I want to see Romney/Ryan defeated just to wipe the smugness off of their faces.

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