Discussing the new Mandela film on SiriusXM tonight

Tonight, on Mark Thompson’s “Make it Plain” on SiriusXM at 8:30 East Coast time, 7:30 Central time, 6:30 Rocky Mountain time, and 5:30pm Pacific time, Mark and i will be discussing the new film on Nelson Mandela based on Mandela’s autobiography Mandela:  Long Walk to Freedom.

The film is a must-see, but in writing that i hasten to add that the film ignores some very important features of the work of Mandela.  It, additionally, has difficulty conveying the nature of the negotiations that took place upon his release from prison.  The viewer would get the impression that the only negotiations that took place were between Mandela and several of De Klerk’s top staff in the period leading to his release from prison and the beginning of the dismantling of apartheid.

In any case, please listen in if you can.

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