Why Martin Bashir is so correct on Trayvon…

A friend sent me a clip from an editorial offered by Martin Bashir.  I had not taken a look at it until this morning.  Ironically, I watched it after receiving and replying to a note from someone suggesting that no one is looking out for the rights of white people these days.

I think that Bashir’s commentary is on the money.  It is powerful and concise.  The campaign of defamation against Trayvon is an excellent example of not only blaming the victim, but blaming the victim in order to avoid any real discussion of race and racism in the context of the Zimmerman acquittal.

I am hoping that the person who wrote me with their deep concerns about the rights of white people will take a moment to watch this clip and especially to ponder the question concerning the other person mentioned in Bashir’s commentary; the person who really had some issues with the law yet whose ‘transgressions’ were overlooked a few times.

And by the way, we need to all go see Fruitvale and advance the discussion on race, racist oppression and (in-)justice in the USA.

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