The Global African

I have had many people ask how to see back episodes of my program, “The Global African.”  Here is the archive:!en/lista/programa/the-global-african

Please feel free to circulate this and encourage people to take a look.  I also welcome feedback.

We changed the format a bit over the last couple of months in order to have more panel discussions.  I love that format because it gives me an opportunity to have more of an exchange with guests.

So, when you get a chance, please take a look at “The Global African” on Telesur-English.  New episodes are posted weekly on Thursdays through Telesur-English.

Keep the faith!

7 thoughts on “The Global African

  1. I just discovered the global african and was very dissapointed that this programme has been cancelled. This was such a good, unique and beautiful program, please bring it back we need something like this!!!

    • Thanks so much for this! I sincerely miss doing “The Global African.” The show was done for Telesur so theirs was the final decision. You should feel free, however, to communicate directly with them and express your opinion. We received tremendous feedback on the show. Thanks.

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