Again, i ask, what about the 47%

I keep reading commentaries regarding the Denver debate.  I am about sick of it.  Yes, we know that Obama did not do so well…

But what about the 47%?  Obama seems to have felt comfortable both before and after the debate mentioning this but not at the debate.

The failure of organized labor to enter into this entire picture as an independent actor contributes to this situation.  Yes, they seized on the 47% comment by Romney to demonstrate his elitism.  But labor has been strangely silent about unemployment and underemployment.  Perhaps there is concern that by raising the issue it will embarrass President Obama.  But that reminds me of the ostrich approach that assumes that burying one’s head in the sand eliminates an opponent.  Romney showed himself more than capable of raising the unemployment issue even though, with true sophistry, he ignores the fact that policies such as his contributed to this mess in the first place.

Organized labor–UNIONS–need to be speaking out on not only the 47% but the unemployed and the underemployed.  Yes, i just saw that the unemployment rate has dropped beneath 8%.  But we have a long way to go and if there is not a progressive force out there pushing this matter regarding good jobs, you can bet that the political Right will continue to harp on this with all of the cynicism that they can muster.

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