Give Romney a chance?

Yes, folks, that is the question, and one that i pose to those of you who are undecided or inclined to vote for a third party.

The polls indicate that Obama is either up by 1% or it is tied.   So, the reality is that sitting this election out or voting third party is really a vote for Romney.  I do not go along with those who suggest that you can vote your conscience in a ‘secure’ so-called Blue State.  My reading of US history is that there are not secure states, particularly when race enters into the equation.  The total vote as well as the Electoral College vote will make every bit of difference in this election.

So, you really do have to decide whether, at the end of the day, a Romney/Ryan White House with a Republican majority House of Representatives (and possibly a Republican Senate) are cool.  Yes, we have been debating this for months and there are loads of criticisms to be made of the Obama administration.  But at this moment, the day before the election, you really have to decide under which of these two politicians the conditions for progressive struggle will be better.

I was in a debate with Bruce Dixon last week on Mark Thompson’s Sirius radio program.  It was, of course, about the election.  I very much appreciate Mark for allowing this exchange to take place.  Bruce was asked about the question that i posed in last week, i.e., who would you rather pick the next Supreme Court justices.  Bruce danced around that question in a way that would have made Fred Astaire proud, even going so far as to suggest that Obama’s appointments have moved the Court to the Right.  Come on, Bruce.  What commentators could make such a suggestion? When you look at the continuous splits of 5 to 4, it is not like Obama’s appointees are going to the ‘dark side.’  No, one cannot dance around this one.  I ask again:  who would you rather be in a position to appoint the next Supreme Court justices?

The hour is upon us.

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