Poll numbers

Predictably, Obama’s numbers dropped after the debate, Romney’s went up and there is panic in the streets.

There was a major danger with Obama’s original lead.  It was too easy to write off Romney and to become complacent.  It is now clear that each of us has to make a decision.  If we believe that it does not matter who wins, then there is no bother voting, at least for the president.  If, on the other hand, we believe that an Obama victory provides progressives even a modicum of space in order to organize and build our strength, then there is no room for complacency.

Regardless of the outcome, the Left and progressives have major work to do, whether it is in demanding jobs or preventing war with Iran or taking on police brutality.  Yet this way of thinking of it runs the risk of making us feel a bit too comfortable.   I, especially, believe that the danger of white revanchism–a variant on right-wing populism–is significant today in light of the economic crisis and the decline in living standards, but also the altering role of the US globally.  White revanchism will be enhanced with a Romney victory.

In either case, we need to mobilize to vote and combat those on the political Right who wish to buy and/or steal this election.  There is more at stake than just who sits in the White House.

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