Reporting in from Durban, South Africa

Monday morning and i woke up and looked at the Indian Ocean.  That is the way to get up in the morning.

Here for the World Congress of the Public Service International, which is the global union federation of public sector unions.  This comes at a moment when public sector workers and their unions are under severe attack around this planet.  Neo-liberal economic theory has guided the devastation of the public sector in country after country, all in the name of efficiency and profit.  So, like many other global union federations, PSI must determine whether it can step up to the  plate.

There is a very contentious race for the position of General Secretary of PSI, pitting the incumbent against a challenger from Italy.  The discontent that is evident among the delegates could lead to a change, which would be a good thing.  The longer term questions involve strategy and vision, however, and not just who runs PSI.  Will PSI help its affiliates rethink their roles as unions in the public sector or will it simply advocate for the concerns of public sector unions?

I will keep you posted when i can get access to a computer.

Keep the faith!

2 thoughts on “Reporting in from Durban, South Africa

    • I am hoping to speak with COSATU comrades here. I know that there have been serious internal struggles underway, in part due to the massacre of the mineworkers, but also due to stress regarding the African National Congress.

      The situation here at the PSI Congress is a bit intense. I keep hoping that we are seeing the first signs of a new day.

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