So now the hard work begins…

Well, the President won re-election.  A sizable Electoral College vote plus the majority of the popular vote.

African American and Latino voters revolted against efforts to suppress our vote.  People turned out in waves and i was moved by the determination the part of so many people to stand firm.

Today is day #1.  As i have raised, we cannot afford to repeat the errors of 2008/2009 when we allowed a ‘honeymoon’ period for the President to turn into a situation where initiative was lost.

In addition to preparing to fight the attacks that will accompany Congressional efforts to address the so-called fiscal cliff, i want to suggest that we need to start planning massive jobs demonstrations for early 2013.  This must be accompanied by serious efforts to organize the unemployed and the underemployed.   In the lead up to yesterday there were labor unions and other organizations that did not want to address unemployment because they feared that such discussions would benefit Romney/Ryan.  That was wrong thinking then and it will be even worse if we sit back and do nothing now.

Ok, ok, get some coffee/tea and relax…until tomorrow morning.  A hell of a lot of people did a marvelous job in so many good campaigns and my hat and thanks goes to each of them…

…but we do not have a lot of time.

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  1. Absolutely right! We face the same thematic problems here in Australia, although of course the detail is very different.

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