The ‘cliff’?

Well, it looks like we head over it.  I thought that they might arrive at a compromise, but more than anything else it appears that the Republicans are dead set on flying their plane into the aircraft carrier.

As we approach the new year i believe that progressives need to think in terms of major tasks.   Two that immediately jump out at us involve (1)jobs & the economy, and (2)democracy.

In terms of jobs & the economy, the fiscal cliff debate could only happen because of the absence of a movement in the streets.  Yes, in the streets.  While thousands and millions of emails are all well and good, there is nothing like thousands of people in the streets.   The visual alone makes the difference.  It is too easy for the elite to write off the emails.  It is much more difficult when we are in the streets, and i do not mean just in Washington, DC.  So, let’s open up our datebooks/electronic calendars and figure out when we are marching.

In terms of democracy, we need to counter the efforts by the Republicans to play around with the Electoral College with a movement to get rid of the Electoral College.  The Electoral College cannot be reformed.  Our slogan must be “One person, one vote.”

Enjoy the holidays!!!

One thought on “The ‘cliff’?

  1. Gidday Bill,
    Finding your blogs interesting and useful and sharing them from time to time with some Australian comrades.
    My best wishes for a safe and happy end of year break as we gird our loins in Austrlia for a massive assault on workers rights and their unions by the neoliberals in 2013.
    In solidarity,

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