Appearance on the Kathleen Wells radio show

I just did an interview with Kathleen Wells.  I loved doing it!  Check it out:

We were originally going to discuss the shutdown/lockout but we focused on racial justice and it took us through most of the hour.

I hope that you enjoy it.

One thought on “Appearance on the Kathleen Wells radio show

  1. Excellent interview that situates the major struggles of race and racism in the USA today. Wells’ interview of Fletcher is a fascinating discussion that is educational and necessary for everyone, suggesting that it is not enough for the Left to oppose racism out of their own guilt but out of a genuine solidarity with human beings and their ancestors who have been oppressed for centuries. The results of freedom struggles that have led to change have been short-lived and supplanted by a backlash against people of African, Asian, and Indigenous descent through occupation of lands, criminalization, and marginalization. Fletcher demonstrates that personal action are not significant and structural changes must be instituted to begin to address the crisis.

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