Appearing on the Mark Thompson SiriusXM every Tuesday beginning tonight at 8:30pm East Coast Time

Folks:  i am really pleased to announce that beginning tonight, Mark Thompson has invited me to appear with him on his program “Make it Plain” at 8:30pm East Coast time/7:30pm Central Time/6:30pm Rocky Mountain Time/5:30pm Pacific Time, on  Progress 127 and on Twitter @SXMProgress.

This is a segment that Mark has regularly reserved to discuss various developments in the African World (Africa and the African Diaspora).  Each week we shall touch on a different issue.  Tonight, in addition to introducing the program, we shall discuss a matter that i addressed in a column for a few weeks ago, i.e., the question of “which” African Diaspora is being addressed these days when we hear the term used.  If you have not read the piece, the gist is that those of us of the original Diaspora–that is, those of us whose ancestors were either brought over to the Western Hemisphere as slaves or came as colonial subjects under Portugal (i.e., Cape Verdeans)–are frequently ignored when there is discussion of an African Diaspora.  Instead that term seems to be used increasingly for individuals who are migrants or the children of migrants from Africa.  There are a host of implications of this direction.

I am hoping that you can join in this evening.  Also, if there are issues that you think should be addressed, drop me a note.

Thanks in advance.

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