Rosa Parks and the Myths

Professor Jeanne Theoharis has made a major contribution in examining the life of the late and great Rosa Parks.  This morning on Democracy Now she was interviewed.  The full text of the interview will be out later today.  I have not yet had the opportunity to read her book but after listening to most of the interview on Pacifica this morning, the book is definitely on my list of to-be-read books.

The mythology surrounding Rosa Parks has created problems from the standpoint of history as well as movement building.  The mythology, largely advanced in the mainstream media and by mainstream historians, would lead one to believe that Ms. Parks was someone who, almost accidentally, found herself in the middle of a world-historic event.  Professor Theoharis, along with a number of historians over the years, has helped to better place Ms. Parks at the center of an effort to build a movement for Black Freedom.  Indeed, just as with Dr.King, Ms. Parks was a ‘trouble-maker’ in the best sense of the term.

Today, the 100th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ birth,  is a day to remember her courage and conviction.  It is also a day to remember that as great as she was, she was not a goddess and that her courage, convictions and actions not only can be emulated today, but must be emulated.

We are blessed by her contributions.

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