texting while stupid…yet again…

You know, i simply cannot get over it.  What are people thinking about with texting?

I was getting off of the Metro the other day in Washington, DC. It was morning rush hour in Union Station, which is to say that half of humanity was in motion.  Well, a young woman walks off of the train and approaches the escalator.  In her right hand is her phone and, yes, she is in the middle of texting.

Did i say that it was rush hour?

The crowd from the train was walking towards the escalator and this young woman was completely and totally oblivious to the fact that the crowd was approaching like a tsunami and that her slow pace would result in the blocking of  the escalator.

I could not conceive of the sort of judgement that would lead someone to think that it was ok to text in the middle of such madness.  I walked past her very quickly and suggested that she move to the side and that texting at that moment was not a good idea.

Is it self-absorption?  Is it that people think that what they happen to be doing at that moment is more important than the safety of others?  Is that they just do not care?

My guess is that her response to me was that i was being pushy and who do i think that i am.


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