Join me on “The Global African” where we explore African Americans and the Gaza crisis

I have started to do a new show on Telesur-English called “The Global African.”  Take a look at this episode where we explore the African American response to the Israeli aggression against Gaza.  The Real News rebroadcast the segment.

My objective, with “The Global African,” is to address issues facing Africa and the African Diasporas.  You notice that i use the plural when i note “diasporas.”  The reason is that there are actually two waves or two Diasporas.  There are those of us whose ancestors were brought to the Western Hemispheres as slaves and compelled to build capitalism in the Americas.  Since the abolition of slavery, we have continued our struggle against white supremacy and all forms of racist oppression.  The other diaspora or the other part of the overall African Diaspora are those who voluntarily migrated to the Western Hemisphere and Europe.  They face issues that are both related and unrelated to those of us who were forced to travel across the Atlantic.  “The Global African” will seek to explore the issues, concerns and struggles of people of African descent, regardless of where they are found.

I hope that you will join me.  We are on-line weekly with Telesur-English.  Take a look at the network when you have a chance:

2 thoughts on “Join me on “The Global African” where we explore African Americans and the Gaza crisis

  1. Just saw your interview on TRNN and thought it was very good. But there is, I believe, one more than obvious fact which was overlooked: the president of the United States is an African American, the first African American US president, who almost unconditionally supports Israel and even seems to be complicit in the criminal Israeli assault on the Palestinian people. Criticism of Israel, especially by African American institutions, intellectuals and leaders will be considered criticism of the African American US president. Apparently the only prominent African American intellectual or leader courageous enough to criticize Israel is Cornel West. Hopefully you will interview him on the same issue. I am looking forward to that.

    • A very important point that you raise. Actually there have been a fair number of African Americans who, over the last number of years, have raised criticisms of US policy vis a vis Israel and Palestine. Part of what has been missing has been both organization and consistency. Cornel West has, as you noted, been outspoken on the issue. But in the absence of organization, linkages, etc., we are unable to build a ‘cascade’ of criticism and, indeed, a full-blown movement. Thanks for your note.

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