Presentations on right-wing populism with Chip Berlet & yours truly

On May 9th I had the honor and the opportunity to share the platform with Chip Berlet in a forum in Brooklyn, NY regarding right-wing populism.  You can link to the event.  Chip is the co-author, with Matthew Lyons, of the must-read Right-wing Populism in America.   We discussed the rise of the Right and how to understand it.  My remarks were largely drawn from the essay that I wrote for the 2016 Socialist Register  entitled “Stars and Bars” that looks at right-wing populism as manifested in the USA.

I enjoyed Chip’s presentation and the discussion that followed our two sets of remarks.  I hope that you enjoy it as well.

2 thoughts on “Presentations on right-wing populism with Chip Berlet & yours truly

  1. Heard you on the radio today and found what you had to say very enlightening. Have been desperate to understand this terrible thing. I tried to take notes driving. Was hoping there was a transcript of this information I could repost on my Facebook page. Man, I’m grieving over this election. I didn’t have all the explanation, but just know this is one bad evil man and this needs to be told. People need to understand this. Some want to. Some won’t. Need to borrow a page from Trump and make it easy to understand for people. I wanted to watch this video on Right Wing Populism in America but the audio would not play for some reason. Hey, as a coincidence, your name was my Dad’s name. I could have been a Bill Fletcher Jr. too. 😉 Thanks so much. I appreciate you. Sincerely, Keith Fletcher

    • Always good to hear from another Fletcher!!
      I don’t know whether there is a transcript but there is a piece that i wrote for the Socialist Register 2016 about right-wing populism. There is also the excellent book by Chip Berlet and Matthew Lyons called “Right-wing Populism in America.” I always recommend it.

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