The last episode of “The Global African”

Yes, it is true.  Telesur cancelled The Global African.  This is the final episode.

As you can imagine, I was deeply disappointed when Telesur made this decision.  I have not, however, given up on the idea for this sort of show.  There is a niche that must be filled.

I want to thank you for the support that you have offered the show.  My hope is that we can resuscitate the show, which means that we will need to raise funds.  I hope that when we get to that point that we can continue to count upon your support.

I hope that you enjoy this final episode.  As you can imagine it was an emotional moment.  I was truly lucky to have had such a great production team.  They were central to helping the show to grow.  They also helped me to grow.

Thanks and, of course, keep the faith!

3 thoughts on “The last episode of “The Global African”

  1. So sorry to see this great show cancelled! I looked forward to each segment. Will definitely contribute to help revive your fine work.

  2. This show has expanded my knowledge with information that I would not have gotten anywhere else. I have learned so much. I have great admiration and appreciation for Bill Fletcher. I hope to see you with another great project….soon.

    • I very much appreciate your note. Yes, we hope to find a way to continue the series in one form or another. It was a project that I really enjoyed.

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