You won’t want to miss this episode of “The Global African”

I had the honor and opportunity to do this interview in our most recent episode of The Global African.  If you have not read the commentaries of Palestinian comedian Amer Zahr, or heard him perform, you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Please join us.

2 thoughts on “You won’t want to miss this episode of “The Global African”

  1. This was a great interview! Thank you. Learned a few things I didn’t know before listening to this post. For example, the word Arab is not a race or nationality. It is an interethnic word that pertains to the language spoken and who’s origins are in the Horn of Africa and Mediterranean areas, though many people from this region also speak Farsi and about 100 other languages not pertaining to Arabic. Also, Palestinians have no “Plan B”. Never thought of it that way. One idea that we share is the definition of “Terrorist”. Most of the messes and wars that are going on in the world were started by us. We continually put our noses in other countries business all for profit….yet we don’t consider ourselves to be terrorist. The Fundamentalist Christians are trying to enforce the Christian form of Sharia Law on everyone. They are trying to rule our government by their interpretation of the Bible. They want to treat woman as though they own our bodies. They want to tell gay people what they can and cannot do when they don’t honor, “Thou shall not commit adultery” and “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife.” This wonderful gentleman stated that he though that the word “Terrorist” is just another racial slur. Agreed. Yet the people pointing fingers can’t see the dirt on themselves. A clown running for President now, say’s Make America Great again. What he means is “Make America White Again!” This gentleman hits the nail on the head….squarely on the head.

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