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A great sister and the co-director of the Highlander School wrote the following earlier today and I just wanted to repost it.  Thanks, Ash-Lee!


Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson

9 hrs · Dandridge, TN ·

Whether you said it was impossible for Jones to win (because you don’t trust Black folks and you got backwards politics about the South)…

Or you were totally sold and now know that it’s gonna take grassroots leadership to keep Jones in check (and that there’s a whole lot more winning to do before our folks have independent political power)….

Or you know white democrats, liberals, and lefties and the national organizations and political parties they love are gonna try to take credit for what really was Black folks labor…

It’s time to support the grassroots movement infrastructure in Alabama. Here’s a starter list of where you can send you financial support:

Black Belt Citizens
T.O.P.S. The Ordinary People’s Society Southeastern Region
Free alabama movement
Magic City Agriculture Project
Dynamite Hill-Smithfield Community Land Trust
Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice
Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Shut Down Etowah
Adelante Alabama Worker Center
Alabama’s Young Black & Green
Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth & Reconciliation
Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative
Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network – ASAN
TAKE Resource Center
AIDS Alabama
Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth
Magic City Acceptance Center
Hometown Action
Yellowhammer Fund
Black Lives Matter Birmingham Chapter
Black Lives Matter Montgomery
Grassroots Coalition – Birmingham
21st Century Youth Leadership Movement:
Greater Birmingham Ministries
Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise

And I’m sure this is an incomplete list. Cut checks good people. We’ve got people power to keep building and sustaining! <3#southernpeoplespower

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