Trump & the Eclipse

What should we make of the fact that Mr. Trump decided to look at the Eclipse without special glasses?

What should we make of the fact that the President of the United States, an individual who has access to more scientific, military, economic, etc., information than the rest of us, would disregard ALL the warnings about staring at the Eclipse and the consequences of such actions?

Is it a metaphor for the administration as a whole?  An administration that disregards facts and science until and unless such facts and science are forced upon it?  An administration that continues to deny climate change despite the preponderance of scientific evidence?

Does Trump’s staring at the Eclipse also remind us of the arrogance running through this administration?  An administration that plays with the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea, knowing full well the potential catastrophic ramifications of such actions?

And there he stood, yesterday, staring at the Eclipse until his aides desperately insisted that he put on the glasses.


2 thoughts on “Trump & the Eclipse

  1. Great work, Bill. Also a pleasure to come across your name and to have my memory of you triggered, while scanning an email with a link to Black Commentator, forwarded by our classmate Carlton Bush. You look healthy and youthful, and clearly the mind and spirit are dynamically alive. All the Best to you! I’m thankful to find you still exactly where I remember you, on the front line of the ongoing struggle for justice.
    Kirby Obsidian aka Craig Kirby

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