My novel comes out November 11th!

“The Man Who Fell From the Sky” is ready and waiting for you to read!

It all started several years ago.  I  conceptualized a story that dealt with race, justice,  and revenge.  I was interested in having the main character be Cape Verdean American in part to address the evolution of an African people who came to the USA voluntarily (beginning in the 19th century).  A population, that I should add, that has both a different yet overlapping history with other African Americans (those of us brought to North America or the Caribbean in chains).

Through my “third eye” I came to envision the story, framing it as a murder mystery that takes place in 1970.  But I still did not write it.

It took me a while to justify to myself that it was legitimate for a political activist, such as myself, who writes non-fiction, to delve into the world of fiction.  I felt almost guilty, thinking that it might be perceived as frivolous.    But one day on vacation with my wife and daughter I told them both the idea for this story.  My daughter sat there not looking directly at me at first.  She then said:  “Dad, I think that you have an idea there.  You need to write this.  In fact, you might have an idea for a series.”  My wife smiled and agreed with our daughter.

In 2016 I got to work on the first draft of the manuscript, completing it in about 3-4 months.  I looked for an agent, since I know next to nothing about the world of fiction, and was totally unsuccessful obtaining someone.  A friend of mine in the entertainment industry told me that agents are there for people who do not need help, and are not there for those of us who do.  Whether that it is true or not I do not know, but I started to despair.

My luck changed when I ran into Tim Sheard, publisher for Hardball Press.  I had met Tim in the past but we never spent any time together.  He asked me what I was up to and I told him about the manuscript.  He asked for the first chapter and a synopsis.  He later contacted me and asked for the rest of the manuscript.  The next thing I knew, he was offering me a contract.

And then the editing started!

Writing the book was a wonderful experience.  Editing was hell.  It is very challenging editing fiction and I learned an immense amount from Tim.  But after more than a year of editing,  the day has arrived and the book is ready for ‘prime time.’

I hope that you will go to Hardball Press (the book is also available through Amazon) and purchase a copy.  The reviews that I have already received are phenomenal, if I say so myself.

Some people have asked me why I wrote The Man Who Fell From the Sky.  I tell them that we all have stories contained in our heads that we want to tell.  This was one such story.  But it was also a way of discussing very real political and historical issues through a creative lens.

As I have come to learn, writing fiction brings with it certain risks.  When one writes non-fiction, one exposes one’s thoughts and ideas.  When one writes fiction, one exposes one’s soul and one’s heart.   You are sometimes exposing demons or issues that you have grappled with.  You may also expose hopes and aspirations.  In either case, it is a tremendously exciting and valuable experience.

My hope is that you will enjoy The Man Who Fell From the Sky should you honor me by obtaining a copy.

4 thoughts on “My novel comes out November 11th!

  1. Congratulations Bill! I’m envious that you produced a piece of fiction before me for public consumption! I’m grateful for our friendship and comrade’s in the struggle! Good luck with sales and promotion! Well done my brother!

  2. Bill, I am so happy for you, impressed by your achievement, and really looking forward to digging into “The Man Who Fell From The Sky”! Congratulations. I will DEFINITELY be buying a copy!

  3. Greeting Bill,
    I heard you speak your thoughts for the first time on KPFA with Phillip Maldari today Sunday October 28th fascinated with your thought process and innate relationship with both knowing and not knowing something in the moment but curious to learning. I am fascinated with people who remain curious among all the daily chaos. Then you announced your upcoming book of fiction”The Man Who Fell From The Sky” I’m in. And will order it fro the publisher. Thanks for sharing your gifts.


    Jovelyn Richards

    • Thanks very much for this. I enjoy Phil’s show. He asks good questions and it feels like a real conversation.

      I hope that you will enjoy the book. I appreciate your comments and I appreciated Phil’s plug of the book.

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